Introducing Social Media Advertising

Did you know that social media and social networking have been around for the better part of 30 years? 

Blogging sites have been around since the late 90s and social platforms as we know it have already been a part of our lives for over a decade!

It didn’t take Facebook long to figure out that they were onto something big. What started out as an entertaining and free medium through which you could connect with friends and family anywhere in the world, share thoughts, photos, videos and more, rapidly turned into an equally easy and engaging platform for businesses to promote themselves.

Due to this popularity, business on social media can be a crowded landscape. That’s where Local Market can help. Specialising in creative social media ads and campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, we help you cut through the noise and get your business to stand out.

It starts by building you a strong foundation – we learn about your brand and establish the right channels for you. Did you know that Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn all offer PPC (pay per click) advertising solutions? We then identify and target your key audiences with engaging social media ads designed to get results and bring you leads. Your community grows so you’re connected with the right audience for your brand or service.

Generating business with social campaigns on key social media platforms can be simple yet effective, if executed as part of a social media strategy. We work with you to tailor them to your budget and timelines, to drive actions that are relevant to your business. Using a combination of organic and paid advertising, we can set you up for digital success with engaging content and targets to ensure you’re receiving maximum ROI.

Local Market offers both ongoing monthly advertising packages & one-off bespoke social media campaigns designed to reach your customers cost effectively. We ensure advertising spend matches your desired return on investment and aligns with your customer lifetime value (LTV). 

Whether you’re an established business needing a lift in foot traffic, launching or promoting a big event or just have a lightbulb idea and want to bring it to life, we have the know-how and experience to help you achieve that dream. 

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