The Power of Email Marketing

For many successful New Zealand businesses, email marketing (EDM’s) is without a doubt the most cost effective way to market their products or services. Sending customers or subscribers monthly email communications is a powerful digital marketing tool that keeps you top of mind and generates new business. It’s an essential channel for any marketing strategy and one that our digital marketing agency specialises in. 

Design, Post, Measure – Local Market is a full digital mail service.

Design your Mail 

We create stunning email campaigns. This could take the form of a monthly newsletter that shares value-add content (a blog from your CEO), a sales email or e-flyer advertising your upcoming sale or VIP promotion… or even an automated series of emails designed to elicit a specific response in your sales funnel.

Our highly-functioning email templates offer a seamless, responsive experience for your audiences on any device. We build emails in both Mailchimp and custom HTML, giving your campaigns the flexibility to share and promote a variety of different content each time you send.

Local Market can also give you the power to be your own email marketing wizard. We’ll design a good-looking, responsive template in Mailchimp for you to roll out your mail service and build your own professional email campaigns. 

Post your Mail

Making sure your email marketing is integrated with the rest of your digital strategy is imperative to growing your audience. This means adding sign-up forms to your website and social channels as well as managing your existing database so you continue to deliver value for them. 

Adding custom fields (i.e birthday month) to your sign-up forms means you can collect special data from your subscribers. For example, sending a personalised birthday deal to your customers with a June birthday will make them feel loved by your brand (and more likely to engage in the future).

So now you know who you’re sending your emails to, how about when? The timing of your email campaign is very important. Having a Labour Day special on your online store? Don’t take any chances! We’ll make sure your email goes out on time (i.e before the sale starts) but also make sure it gets sent at the right time of day. More relevant eyeballs on your email = more ROI.

Measure your Mail

Checking the success of your email campaigns is as easy as 1-2-3. With detailed analytics, email marketing is far easier to track and measure ROI than the traditional printed, mail-drop flyers. You’ll have access to greater personal information on your audience, you can choose how many “copies” you send and bonus, if it’s raining, your advertising won’t get wet. 

Track click-thrus, bounces, unsubscribes and email open rates. Get access to detailed reports and statistics on your mailing list. Improve and optimise your next send just like that.

Better than The Local Rag

Focus your time and energy on growing your business while Local Market ensures the execution and delivery of your email marketing. 

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